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Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program


Lew’s, a legendary rod and reel brand with a history of product innovation and “giving back” to the sport, is a proud supporter of high school fishing. Our support of school-sanctioned high school fishing clubs is intended to promote the fun of fishing as a healthy, wholesome activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

It is also Lew’s intentions to ensure a bright future for fishing by stimulating conservation awareness and responsibility in today’s young anglers, since purchases of fishing licenses and equipment help fund conservation efforts.

Lew’s is committed to our youth, our fishing resources and the sport of fishing.


Lew’s promises to be an exemplary fishing industry mentor represented by Lew’s brands, products and actions to high school anglers by way of a dedicated high school fishing support program designed to heighten the appreciation for our natural resources and grow the personal skills, confidence and character of participating students.


The Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program is a product grant initiative designed specifically to provide Lew’s Mach rods and reels at no charge in response to project-based applications as a way to nurture high school sanctioned fishing club activities to the benefit of their members, schools and communities.

This Lew’s high school fishing program is funded in part by a portion of the profits from the sale of Mach rods, reels and pre-mounted combos. Lew’s Mach products are tournament quality gear that has been designed especially with styling, performance and affordability in mind for today’s student anglers.

The Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program makes it decisions for product grant awards based on application information that satisfies at least one of the following activities of focus:

  1. Growing the sport of recreational fishing
  2. Showcasing high school fishing as a valued educational activity
  3. Elevating the visibility of youth fishing in the local community
  4. Instilling conservation awareness through best practices

The Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program is administered by the Future Fisherman Foundation (F3), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to "Ensuring the Future of Fishing." F3 receives compensation from Lew’s for its administration services which in turn helps support other F3 programs, such as "Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs."

Mach Product Grants

The Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program grant application cycle begins Jan. 1 and ends Sept. 30 of each calendar year. Club/team activities identified in the grant applications can be for anytime in the full calendar year.

Lew’s product grant awards shall consist of paired Lew’s Mach I rod and reel combinations, baitcast and spinning. Product grants are awarded at one of three levels based on application activity details. The three levels are:

Since the Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program product grants are funded through product sales, grant product availability is limited by a budget total. Product awards are continued throughout the calendar year until which time the program’s maximum gifting budget has been met. After whichever comes first - the maximum gifting level is reached or it is after the Sept. 30 grant application deadline – the online application process will be closed for the remainder of that calendar year.

It is to your advantage to apply for Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program product grants early in the year.

High School Club Eligibility

Any high school fishing club/team that has at least list six members, is recognized by the school’s administration and has a designated advisor, coach or adult supervisor is eligible to apply for a Lew’s High School Mach Fishing Program product grant.

Only high school fishing clubs located within the United States are eligible, and the schools may be public or private, provided they are state-recognized secondary education programs.

A club/team can apply multiple times throughout a calendar year for different purposes, but there shall be only one product grant awarded to any one club/team in a calendar year.

Possible uses for Lew’s grant products, include:

  • Club/team new member recruitment
  • Public service activity at school or in community
  • Club/team fundraiser
  • Club team/loaner program
  • Club/team championship event prizes
  • Conservation program awareness

Application Process

Mach product grant applications must be submitted online using only the official online Lew’s High School Mach Program application form. Only those application forms received with all required fields completed will be considered “qualified” applications and reviewed accordingly.

Equal consideration is given to all qualified grant applications, regardless of school or club/team size.

NOTE: Application lead times are important considerations because of the approval and review processes. Refer to “The Review Process” that follows to help with your planning of how far in advance you need to apply for an event that is time specific.

Review Process

Mach product grants are reviewed within 45 days of date submitted and responded to within 60 days of their submission date with either an “approved” or “sorry, please apply again later” response.

Lew’s will make best efforts to ship Mach grant products within 14 days of a grant application’s approval based on product availability at that time. In out-of-stock instances, awarded product grants will be shipped as soon as it becomes available.

Shipping of Awarded Mach Products

Awarded Mach grant products must ship to a school’s physical address to the attention of a recognized contact for the school.

Freight is prepaid. There are no costs for the school and/or club members relating to any Mach grant products awarded through this program.

Lew's / Future Fisherman Foundation Online Grant Application

Lew's Fishing and the Future Fisherman Foundation extend our appreciation for your interest in high school fishing. In an effort to help your school’s program, we are offering high school clubs/teams the opportunity to earn Lew's product at no charge in support of your group’s promotional activities. Please fill out grant application below (all fields required).

Contact Information:

High School Contact:

Club/Team Information:

  • Yes
  • No

  • Yes
  • No

Purpose of Grant Request:

Of the following areas of focus, which are relevant to the purpose of this application? Specify by number(s):

  1. Growing the sport of recreational fishing
  2. Showcasing high school fishing as a valued educational activity
  3. Elevating the visibility of youth fishing in the local community
  4. Instilling conservation awareness through best practices

NOTE: Upon your club being approved for a Lew’s product grant, an F3 official will contact the “School Contact Person” identified above for program verification.