Lew's Fishing Tackle

Lew's Fishing Tackle

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What do I need to send in for the rebate?

A1: Original or photocopied itemized receipt with qualifying item highlighted or circled, AND the original UPC product barcode (not the QR code, see photo example) from box bottom.

Q2: How many rebates can I submit?

A2: Four rebates per household

Q3: I purchased my item from eBay; do I still qualify for the rebate?

A3: No. Items purchased from eBay, Amazon, Overstock.com or any other auction sites do not qualify and are not eligible.

Product packaging UPC

Q4: I purchased my item used; do I still qualify for the rebate?

A4: No. Items purchased must be new and from an approved dealer.

Q5: I purchased my item before the rebate started; do I still qualify for the rebate?

A5: No. The item was not purchased within the allotted rebate timeframe for eligibility.

Q6: What items are eligible?

A6: The items that are eligible are listed on the Lew’s rebate form.

Q7: I purchased a display reel that didn’t have a box; do I still qualify for the rebate?

A7: Please contact customerservice@lews.com or 417-881-5397 for assistance.

Q8: I received my Lew’s item as a gift; do I still qualify for the rebate?

A8: Only if you can provide the gift receipt that lists the item and the item is highlighted and circled. You must also provide the original UPC from the box or other packaging.

For additional assistance or questions, please contact: customerservice@lews.com or 417-881-5397