August 2021

All About Lew's Speed Dial

By : Mark Hicks

The Lew's Speed Dial is a reel feature that pros can't stop raving about. It helps you keep track of the line type and poundage you have loaded. Here's everything you need to know about the dial.

Lew’s devised their Custom Shop Speed Dial to help anglers become more efficient and proficient. This ingenious spool tension knob features a patented line indicator that lets you dial in the type and poundage of line on the reel.

Every serious bass angler owns several different baitcast rods that they use for multiple techniques. And, they frequently change the line on their reels so they can fish whatever lures and methods are required to dupe bass on any given day.

“I have so many baitcast rods it’s hard to keep track of what kind of line is on each one,” said Lew’s pro staff member Denny Brauer. “The Lew’s Speed Dial eliminates that problem. I can tell at a glance exactly what line is on any of my baitcast reels.”

A slot in the middle of the dial may be turned with a coin or your fingernail. Simply turn the slot until the arrow points to the desired setting.

The braid arrow and the line weights for braid on the dial are outlined by a square. You can’t mistake them for the monofilament/fluorocarbon line weights, which do not have a square around them.

When you point the monofilament arrow at its corresponding line weight, the fluorocarbon arrow points to one of the braided line weights in a square. This tells you that the line on the reel is monofilament. Vice Versa with the fluorocarbon arrow.

With monofilament and fluorescent lines, the Speed Dial can be set on the most popular line weights from 8- to 25-pound test. Braided line settings range from 10- to 80-pound test.

Several Lew’s baitcast reels come standard with the Speed Dial. You can also purchase the Speed Dial separately and use it with any Lew’s low profile baitcast reel.

Lew's reels that feature the Lew's Speed Dial:

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