From Kentucky Lake Ledges to Potomac River Grass

By : Bill McDonald - Advanced Angler

Bill McDonald reports from the Potomac River, where the grass isn't as thick as it used to be. His practice on the river has consisted of throwing worms, Rage Bugs, and fishing swim jigs.

bill-mcdonald-kentucky-lake.jpgIt’s been an action-packed last couple of weeks. I’ve just finished the FLW Costa Series event at Kentucky Lake. The “Ledge Fest” would be best way to put it I guess. I finished in 49th in that event, and it bumped me up to 15th in the points in the Central Division; a good week overall.

After a short night of sleep, I jumped in my Lucas Oil Tundra on Saturday morning and started those KMC Wheels and General Tires rolling on that nice little 13 hour drive to the Potomac River and I’ve been here practicing for the last three days. Wednesday is our off day and some much-needed rest is here today. After a week of fishing at Kentucky Lake, a long drive and three long practice days.

The practice at the Potomac River has been fair. You know most of the fishing seems to be a grass fish type deal there. Whether it’s with a Strike King Ocho, flipping a Rage Bug, or fishing a swim jig in that situation.

Most everything that I am seeing is coming from in the grass more than anything else. The interesting thing is that there is not as much grass as we seen in the past and most of it is in the same old community hole.  But, a lot of the other areas that have had quite a bit of grass here on the Potomac do not seem to have the grass that used to have, so we’re kind of scrambling around looking for that.

The final FLW Tour event of 2017 starts today, and overall the fishing’s been fairly good. One interesting thing is that there is a 15 inch limit starting out on Thursday, but then there’s a change on Friday to a 12 inch limit. It’s going to be really interesting to have that kind of a change in the tournament.

But, like I said, as long as we can go out there and keep those Lew’s rods and reels going with my Seaguar line, with a Strike King bait tied on there, we should be just fine. I’ll check back in here after the event and let you know what we did, and how everything ended up.


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