May 2021

How to Clean and Maintain Your Spinning Reel

To keep our spinning reels working and maintaining right, Lew’s has partnered with Lucas Oil to come up with a complete line of products.

Some of the products are interchangeable with baitcast reels but the one thing that is not interchangeable is the grease. The spinning reel grease has a different viscosity than the baitcasting grease.

Here are a couple of quick steps to maintain your spinning reel. It will also save you some money in the long run and keep that longevity of that reel going.


For the grease there are just a few spots that will need to be greased. Put a few drops on the worm drive gear on the main shaft. There are a few other gears that go back and around on the winders. Put a few drops on them as well. You only need a little bit of grease. Don’t fill it completely full of grease. That will just jam everything up.


On to the Super Duty reel oil. Take the needle applicator and put three drops on the bearings. Turn the reel over and do the same thing on the other side. Lastly, at the very top put a couple drops on the main shaft. That’s it, you’re done. Put the reel back together. Turn the reel a few times and you will feel it getting smoother and smoother.

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