December 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Lew's ACB SpeedCast® Braking System

Lew’s has two versions of the Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system: a four-pin and a six-pin. Read this article before you try to adjust your reel's braking system yourself!

What It Is

The Adjustable Centrifugal Braking System (ACB) is an externally adjustable centrifugal braking system with a dial on the palming sideplate. Rotate the dial to choose between 27 variable settings, from free spool to maximum. As you turn the dial, it will move the brake ring closer to the braking shoes on the inside of the spool and apply more resistance. 

How It Works

Lew’s has two versions of the ACB braking system: a four-pin and a six-pin. The four-pin braking system consists of four individually disengaging disc mounted internal brake shoes that give you the ability to easily fine tune your casting needs and allow you to cast a wide variety of lures a long distance.

The six-pin version contains four spring loaded brakes and two free-floating brakes. The spring-loaded brakes control the speed of the spool at the beginning of the cast. When the spool slows down, the springs will pull the brakes back in which helps you get a longer cast. The free-floating brakes have no springs on them, so they are in constant contact while the spool is spinning. 

The ACB systems give you more control over your casts, perfectly aligning braking power to conditions. With this system you will maximize casting distance with all lures and exert superior casting control over light lures.

The Lew’s reels that feature 4-Pin ACB:

The Lew’s reel that features 6-Pin ACB:

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