Lew's Multi-Setting Brake System (MSB)

Lew's reels that feature the Multi-Setting Brake System, such as the KVD and Mach Crush baitcasters, can be manually adjusted for the perfect cast control.

What It Is

The Multi-Setting Brake System is a combination of externally adjustable magnetic braking and internal centrifugal braking, to help with backlash and cast control. The magnets can be adjusted to apply differing levels of magnetic resistance to the spool. The internal pins engage during the initial revolution of the spool, applying more braking at the beginning of the cast and retracting as the spool slows towards the end of the cast.

How It Works

The magnetic braking system can be adjusted with the dial on the palming sideplate. Whenever you spin the outside dial, you’ll hear the click and the magnets will move closer to the internal spool and apply more braking power.

The centrifugal braking system is in the reel interior, controlled by four pins that can be turned On or Off. To turn them On, use your fingernail to push the pins away from the center until you hear them click. To turn them Off, push them towards the center of the spool until they click. 

All Lew’s reels have half of the internal braking pins engaged out of the box.
We suggest keeping the internal brake pins engaged in an alternating pattern to ensure even braking. 

The Lew’s reels that feature the Multi-Setting Brake System:


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