Lew's P2 Pinion Gear

Lew's has committed to supreme durability by introducing the P2 Pinion Gear to many of its reels. Bearing supported on both ends, it leads to longer gear life and smoother cranking.

What It Is

The P2 Pinion Gear helps Lew’s reels spin smoothly, perform better, and last longer. The big advantage of the P2 pinion is that it’s bearing-supported on both ends and with a bushing in the middle, resulting in superior stability. This gear stability provides silky smooth cranking, while the perfect gear alignment leads to longer gear life.

The length of the P2 pinion gear also contributes to increased strength and durability for your reel. It can withstand the strain of pulling in large fish over a longer period of time compared to a typical pinion gear. Sometimes bigger is better.

How It Works

When you turn the handle of your reel, it engages the main gear which in turn rotates the pinion gear and results in your spool’s motion. Disengaging the pinion by depressing the thumb bar shifts it over and releases it from the main gear, resulting in free spool mode. With a turn of your handle, a spring-loaded mechanism re-engages the pinion and your spool so you can crank in your lure or fish. 

The Lew’s reels that feature the P2 Pinion Gear:

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