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Providing easy access to product images and logos

Introduction to
Lew’s Media

The purpose of the Lew’s Media Center is to provide editorial press and retail customers with a quick and easy way to download product images and logos in formats and resolutions that cover most general use applications.

These logos and images are not intended for general consumer use. Un-authorized use of Lew’s logos and/or images is expressly prohibited without written consent from Lew’s and is therefore subject to legal action.

Lew's Brand Standards

For questions concerning use of this files or for further assistance, contact: customerservice@lews.com

Primary Logo

Any Modification to the Lew’s® logo is prohibited. The Lew’s® logo is not to be stretched, cut, rotated or modified in any way.


For use in web-based applications, the appropriate format is a ‘PNG’ file. For use in print-based applications, the appropriate format is ‘EPS’ file. For miscellaneous use on applications using a white background, the ‘JPG’ file format is appropriate.

  • Lew's Logo
    without Tagline


  • Lew's Logo
    with Tagline



To download hi-res photos of Lew’s products, click yellow button associated with each catagory. Your browser will open up a new window from box.com with an updated list of products in that category. Here you will have the option to download high resolution JPEG or TIFF photo files.

Casting Reels


  • Click link to download high-resolution JPEG & TIFF photos:
  • All Rods

Spinning Reels


  • Click link to download high-resolution JPEG & TIFF photos:
  • All Combos

Tool & Accessories

Promotional Product

Manuals & Schematics

  • Download bilingual PDF manuals for our casting and spinning reels:
  • Product Manuals