Lew’s inks rod and reel sponsorship with Bass Tubs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (May 25, 2011) - Lew’s has entered into a two-year agreement with Bass Tubs of Oklahoma to become the exclusive rod and reel sponsor of the popular mobile traveling displays that are part aquarium and part casting tanks.

By the end of this year, Bass Tubs will have appeared in at least 18 states, ranging from New Mexico to Florida, and from Texas to New York, and touched more than 3 million people. A number of show bookings are already on the schedule for 2012. As part of the sponsorship, Bass Tubs staff will use and display Lew’s products, and Lew’s will have prominent logo placement on the tanks for brand visibility while rolling down the highways and on exhibit at shows.

"While it’s impossible for us to take everyone fishing to give them a personal demonstration of just how good Lew’s rods and reels really are, we can showcase our products as part of the realistic fishing demonstrations by the Bass Tubs staff at their stops all across the county,” said Lew’s president Gary Remensnyder. “This is a perfect way to let anglers see, touch and feel the difference of Lew’s products."

Bass Tubs has been traveling to fairs, expos, sport shows and store grand openings since 1990. Today it has four mobile aquariums, ranging in size from 3,500 to 5, 000 gallons, that serve both as a display for live game fish and as a speaker’s demonstration tank for in-the-water presentations about products and tips for anglers. The presence of water and fish is always a popular attraction everywhere they go.

"People love seeing bass, crappie or whatever the local game fish preference is in our tanks," said Bass Tubs founder Chuck Devereaux. "Our tanks have glass enclosures all the way around for viewing from just about every imaginable angle. We’re at more than 80 shows per year, ranging from one to 10 days per event, so what better way to show a reel’s smoothness, quietness and durability than this. We’re thrilled to partner with the legendary American brand of Lew's."

The Lew’s brand is more than 60 years old and has a history of several industry "firsts," including the first low-profile baitcast reel design and the first disengaging levelwind feature. Since a change in ownership in 2009, Lew’s has been the center of attention in the fishing industry, fueled by an all-new and expanded lineup of rods and reels and through extensive marketing endeavors which now also include the Bass Tubs sponsorship.

Lew’s and its affiliated trademarks, including Speed Spool®, Speed Spin®, Speed Stick®, Laser® and the Wally Marshall Signature Series, are part of the Bass Tubs agreement.