Lew’s David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Series

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& Features

The David Fritts Perfect rod blanks feature a premium 42-million modulus graphite/glass composite blend that gives the rod the strength for casting and controlling crankbaits, making solid hooksets, and having the ideal flexibility to feel bites and fight big fish. The Perfect rods’ guides are made of rugged stainless steel frames with aluminum oxide inserts, for smooth and easy line flow that helps launch crankbaits greater distances, something which Fritts believes is the key to success.

  • Premium 42 million modulus graphite/glass composite construction for strength and flexibility
  • Guides are rugged stainless steel frames with aluminum oxide inserts, for smooth and easy line flow while casting
  • Lightweight graphite reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods for comfort while making continuous casts
  • Premium cork handles with high density EVA end caps for durability
  • Palmer rods have a split grip cork handle and Palmer reel seat
  • Loop style hook keepers designed especially for crankbait hooks of all sizes
  • Lew's One Year Limited Warranty


Casting Rods
Crankbait Rods LDFP68MH MH M 6'8" 12-20 1/4-3/4 9+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP70M M M 7'0" 10-25 3/8-1 9+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP70MH MH M 7'0" 15-30 1/2-1 1/4 9+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP70H H M 7'0" 15-30 1/2-2 9+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP76H H M 7'6" 15-30 1/2-2 10+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP76MH MH M 7'6" 15-30 1/2-1 1/4 10+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP711MH MH M 7'11" 15-30 1/2-3 10+TIP 79.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP90MH+ MH MF 9'0" 15-30 1/2-3 12+TIP 99.99
Perfect Palmer CB
Crankbait Rods LDFP70MHP MH M 7'0" 15-30 1/2-1 /14 9+TIP 89.99
Crankbait Rods LDFP76MHP MH M 7'6" 15-30 1/2-1 1/4 10+TIP 89.99

Power:  UL = Ultra-Light  |  L = Light  |  ML = Medium Light  |  M = Medium  |  MH = Medium Heavy  |  H = Heavy  |  XH = Extra Heavy
Action:  XF = Extra Fast Taper  |  F = Fast Taper  |  M = Moderate Taper  |  MF = Moderately Fast Taper

+ Telescopic

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