Lew’s Wally Marshall™ Signature Crappie Series

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The Lew's Wally Marshall Signature Series Crappie rods are built on a premium IM6 blank and Wally Marshall approved actions that are perfect for vertical jigging, tight line trolling, and pulling cranks. Topped with stainless steel guides with hard polished aluminum oxide inserts for smooth line flow, comfortable EVA grips, and a lightweight graphite reel seat with metal hoods to secure your reel.

  • Premium IM6 graphite blanks
  • Lightweight graphite reel seat
  • Comfortable EVA foam grips
  • Hard aluminum oxide guides
  • Designed for jigging with light line and small jigs
  • Spare tips available


1-piece Jigging Rods
WMSO70L L F 7'-1 2–10 1/64–1/4 9+TIP 49.99
2-piece Jigging Rods
WMSO80-2 ML MOD. 8'-2 4–12 1/16–1/4 11+TIP 49.99
WMSO90-2 ML MOD. 9'-2 4–12 1/16–1/4 12+TIP 49.99
WMSO10-2 ML MOD. 10'-2 4–12 1/16–1/4 12+TIP 49.99
WMSO12-2 ML MOD. 12'-2 4–12 1/16–1/4 13+TIP 59.99
3-piece Jigging Rods
WMSO14-3 ML MOD. 14'-3 4–12 1/16–1/4 14+TIP 59.99
WMSO16-3 ML MOD. 16'-3 4–12 1/16–1/4 16+TIP 69.99

Power:  UL = Ultra-Light  |  L = Light  |  ML = Medium Light  |  M = Medium  |  MH = Medium Heavy  |  H = Heavy  |  XH = Extra Heavy
Action:  XF = Extra Fast Taper  |  F = Fast Taper  |  M = Moderate Taper  |  MF = Moderately Fast Taper

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