• New Models for 2018

    Lew’s® Replacement Handle Kits

    • MSRP $29.99 - $69.99

    • Winn® Grip Care
    • Handle Replacement Instructions

& Features

Kit includes 95mm handle, knobs, knob caps, ball bearings, handle washer, handle nut, handle nut retainer, and handle retainer screw. Compatible will all Lew’s baitcast reels and fits most reels with 8mm shaft and bowed star drag.

  • Custom knobs with ball bearing drive
  • Handle washers
  • Handle nut
  • Handle nut retainer
  • Handle nut retainer screw


Model Handle Material Knob Material Knob Style Knob Color MSRP
Standard Round Grip
NEW CSCHC Carbon Winn Round Chartreuse $69.99
NEW CSBAHC Aluminum Winn Round Chartreuse $49.99
NEW CSCHO Carbon Winn Round Orange $69.99
NEW CSBAHO Aluminum Winn Round Orange $49.99
NEW CSCHCC Carbon Winn Round Charcoal $69.99
NEW CSBAHCC Aluminum Winn Round Charcoal $49.99
NEW CSCHB Carbon Winn Round Black $69.99
NEW CSBAHB Aluminum Winn Round Black $49.99
NEW CSCHN Carbon Winn Round Blue $69.99
NEW CSBAHN Aluminum Winn Round Blue $49.99
NEW CSCHR Carbon Winn Round Red $69.99
NEW CSBAHOR Aluminum Winn Round Red $49.99
EVA Power Handle
LDP Aluminum EVA Round Black $39.99
Standard Paddle Grip
CFH95B Carbon Rubber Paddle Black $49.99
AH95B Aluminum Rubber Paddle Black $29.99