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Service FAQ's & Videos

Service FAQ's & Videos

Warranty & Repair FAQs


How / where do I send my reel in to get fixed?

Our Authorized Service Centers will determine the warranty status of your reel and are able to estimate any non-warranted services. Download an AWSC form from the list above and contact them for return instructions prior to sending your reel in for service.

What’s the warranty on my reel?

Reels manufactured since January 2010 have a 1 year limited warranty. Click here for official and complete warranty information. Only AWSC designated Centers are authorized to repair reels under factory warranty.

How much does it cost to get my reel fixed?

You are responsible for the costs of sending the item(s) to the Repair Center and insuring safe arrival. Services provided by warranty are at no additional cost to you. Non-warranted service prices are determined by the servicing center.


Can I get an estimate for repairs before it's fixed?

Request an estimate when completing the Repair Service Form. Service Center may include an estimate fee if the reel is not repaired.

Can I buy parts for my reel?

Yes. Contact the service center of your choice for part prices, terms and availability.

Can you send me a schematic for my reel?

Yes, we’ll need your e-mail address and exact model number of your reel to send a pdf file of the schematic and user manual.

How long does it take to get my reel repaired and back?

Overall Service times vary by season, shipping service selected, distance, and response back to the service center. Your selected service center will be able to give you a more accurate turn time when you are ready to send the item. Allow a minimum 3-weeks total for shipping the item to the center, actual repair time, and return shipping time back to you. Expedited services may be available for a fee.

My rod broke. What do I do next?

Contact Consumer Services at (877) 470-LEWS or

What's my rod warranty?

Rod warranties are limited and vary by model and year of manufacture from 1 year to Limited Lifetime. As a general rule, all combo rods and rods with a MSRP of $100 or less manufactured since January 2010 have a 1 year limited warranty. For Official rod warranties click here.

My combo rod broke. Do I have to send my reel too?

We only need the reel if there is an issue with it also. In the rare case we also need the reel, Consumer Services will let you know. 

How do I put the insert back in my rod guide?

Guide inserts are not replaceable. The complete guide must be replaced.

Can I get a different rod for my broken rod?

If we are unable to provide an exact replacement for an in warranty rod, we may, at our discretion, offer an upgrade or model change to fulfill our warranty commitment to you.  

Why do you need my e-mail address?

An email address helps us respond to you quickly and you to respond to us at your when you are able.

Why do you need my phone number?

Your contact phone number is preferred when the answer to one question determines our course of action or next question.

Why can’t you ship my rod to my PO Box?

Most automated postal facilities are not equipped to handle the length and packaging materials used to ship rods.

What can I use to pack a rod coming back to you?

Contact Consumer Services. They can review your shipping requirements and inform you of the best packing materials for your situation to assure your returned item will arrive with least chance of damage to the returning item.


Service Videos

Watch Lew's Parts & Service videos here. Videos will include How-to adjust Lew's reels braking systems, gearing, product maintenance, and more. Check back periodically as this section will continue to grow.