March 2022

Kevin VanDam Reviews His Signature Series Rod Lineup

Kevin VanDam worked with the engineers at Lew's Fishing to build four Signature Series casting rods for his favorite fishing techniques.

There are four rods in Lew’s signature series that fit some of Kevin VanDam’s favorite techniques. “I knew exactly what I wanted to do as far as making the right handle lengths, actions and components to make this a really great series. This whole rod series is all about accuracy for me because I do a lot of target fishing. These rods really excel in those scenarios” VanDam says.

The first rod in the series is a Team Lew’s Signature Series Jerkbait Rod. This 6’10’’ medium heavy rod includes Winn grips, making it exceptionally comfortable when working the jerkbait during a retrieve. The handle length is designed to not catch you in the chest or stomach. “The taper is just right, and the extra fast tip allows you to throw a jerkbait a long way. More importantly, when you pop this rod, it really makes the bait jump, making this the ultimate jerkbait rod,” says VanDam.