April 2022

Top Baits, Setups and Techniques for Fishing a Texas Rig vs. Carolina Rig

Mark Rose shows off his gear setup and techniques for fishing both a Texas Rig and a Carolina Rig.



The new Strike King Midsize Rage Bug is a bait that Mark Rose is extremely excited about. “I have been a big fan of the Rage Bug for several years because it catches fish. It has a great profile, look, and action that fish love. I have been waiting for this new size and it’s a great addition” explains Mark. He will fish it Texas rigged style or on a Carolina rig setup.

He uses the same rod and reel for both of these rigs. A Lew’s Signature Series Mark Rose Rod is his rod of choice. This paired with a Lew’s Hypermag Baitcast Reel in the 7.5:1 gear ratio makes a deadly combo. The rod provides enough backbone, and the high-speed reel allows him to keep slack out of the line during hook sets.