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Mark Zona





The most critical design element for Mark Zona's lineup of Lew's Signature Series Rods is that they are built with exceptional sensitivity. Sensitivity is key for Zona's style of fishing with a spinning rod and he has no patience for missing any bite.




Mark Zona has worked with Lew’s to perfect four different models of spinning rods. 

A 6' 10” Shaky Head/Drop Shot rod, a 7’ 0” All-purpose spinning rod, a 7’ 2” Tube-cracking special, a 7'3'' Light Jig/Ocho rod, a 7’ 4” Power Finesse rod, and a 7'6'' Swim Jig rod. 

These rods were designed to be extremely comfortable, light and sensitive. All four models have a soft tip that is sensitive, while also having more than enough backbone for fighting a big fish. 

These rods are a perfect mix of power and finesse.  

“I’ll be honest with you; Lew’s absolutely nailed these spinning rods.” - Mark Zona 


Model Number Technique Length  Power Action
TLS610MXFS Shakey Head 6'10" - One Piece Medium Extra Fast
TLS70MXFS All-Purpose 7'0" - One Piece Medium Extra Fast
TLS72MXFS Tube Crackin' Special 7'2" - One Piece Medium Extra Fast
TLS73MH-LJO Light Jig/Ocho 7'3'' - Once Piece Medium Heavy Moderate Fast
TLS74MXFS Power Finesse 7'4" - One Piece Medium Extra Fast
TLS76MH-SWJ Swim Jig 7'6'' - Once Piece Medium Heavy Moderate Fast