Lew's SpeedCast QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Brake System (ACB)

The Lew's QuietCast braking system is an externally adjustable, 6-pin system used on the BB1 Pro, Custom Lite, Pro-Ti, and Tournament Pro reels.

What It Is

What’s unique about the 6-pin, externally adjustable QuietCast ACB is it takes your traditional centrifugal braking system and makes it even quieter. No longer do you have that squealing sound throughout the cast. The QuietCast system puts you in control of your casts, perfectly aligning brake power to conditions. With this system you will have precise casting control over light lures, while maximizing casting distance with all lures.

How It Works

On your sideplate there is a dial that’s labeled “Free” to “Maximum.” As you turn that dial to select between 27 variable settings, it will push the brake plate closer to the spool. On the spool, there are six red brake shoes that float freely on the spool. Your braking power increases as the brake plate applies heavier pressure on the shoes.

The Lew’s reels that feature the QuietCast braking system include:


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